Workforce Boards

Workforce Boards

An easy talent management system – for a better future.

TalentSensus connects employers and job seekers with skills that extend beyond their job title. Our enhanced metrics enables the swift matching of candidates and ongoing evaluation of their working performance. We improve efficiency, transparency and provide the deepest possible skills data on local workforces.

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Unite local ecosystems and communities

Americans are unemployed with local communities divided by gender, racial and disability inequality. TalentSensus breaks this divisive cycle by ensuring job seekers remain anonymous until an interview is confirmed by potential employers. Our talent management system creates a diverse workplace and a better society – one employee at a time.

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Looking after Mom and Pop

It is estimated that America has 4.7 million ‘Mom and Pop’ shops, with 30 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These independent businesses play a crucial role in every town’s unique ecosystem and are cornerstones of our local communities.

TalentSensus remains their fiercest advocate – especially in a post-Covid economy where a wrong hire can be the difference between sink or swim. The deep and bias-busting algorithm of our talent management system ensures each new employee is the perfect match for every American Mom and Pop shop, or SME.

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It is important for corporations to step up and advocate for diversity and tolerance on a public platform.

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How our talent management system can help your local community…

  • Synergizes the process of talent acquisition and talent retention – companies hire and retain the ideal candidate every time
  • Improves efficiency and saves time – our digital one-stop-shop is a hub for every party involved in job seeking
  • Provides unique and comprehensive data sets on the skills of the local workforce
  • Improves transparency and fairness through our unique employee search model
  • Helps companies to upskill and retain talent
  • Helps disrupt the unconscious bias that exists in every workplace
  • Promotes equality and diversity in every local ecosystem
  • Provides a central point for jobseekers to access opportunities in their area
  • Builds on 40+ years of proven sector experience
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