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Can you afford not to upskill your staff?

Recruiting and training new employees is a process that drains company time, money and energy.

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The average staff turnover per year is 15.1%

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Recruitment of new talent costs between $7,000 and $30,000

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According to Deloitte, 89% of businesses see people analytics as vital – but only 8% have useable data

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We put the people into people analytics – and improve your profitability

Not only will our talent management system uncover the skills of your workforce and create a progressive company culture where upskilling is the norm – it will save you money. Two huge wins.

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01 - Average Staff Turnover

Did you know that the average staff turnover per year is 15.1%

Although this number varies slightly between industries. Industries with traditionally low turnover rates include legal, accountancy, education and the public sector

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01 - Average Staff Turnover
02 - Cost of Leaving
03 - Cost of Recruitment
04 - Cost of Time to Production
05 - Total Savings with TalentSensus
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