Our Mission

Our Mission

Why are we doing this?
(Clue: It’s personal!)

A diverse and inclusive workforce is the key to personal, economical and societal growth.

Whether you’re a Workforce Board, Employer or Job Seeker, we’re helping the world work better by overcoming unconscious bias – one employee at a time.

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Why bother?

Our CEO Stephen struggled with finding the right job as a non-academic person with dyslexia. He wants people to find the confidence in their skills that he has now – whatever their age, race, gender, or sexuality. The stats back up Stephen’s mission.

A 2003 study of 177 American banks found innovative organisations that pursued racial diversity reported an increase in performance.

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A 2015 report by McKinsey & Company found that a gender-balanced workforce could improve global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 26% – or $28trillion.

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A 2016 longitudinal study of US public firms found that companies pursuing a more robust LGBTQI+ policy have “higher stock returns, higher market valuation, and higher labor productivity.”

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A 2018 Accenture report said that only 29% of the American workforce with disabilities participated in the workforce – if this increased by 1% it could increase GDP by $25billion.

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Why now?

Covid has further ingrained inequalities, whilst social movements like Black Lives Matter and MeToo have awakened society to its imbalances.

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Why TalentSensus?

“Everybody knows a Patty”

Through his years in business and community development, CEO Stephen developed a phrase. “Everybody knows a Patty.” It means there’s a Patty in every company – she works reception but knows every client, every diary and the birthday of everyone’s child.

Patty is crucial to the business but utilises many skills that go unrecognized. One day Patty leaves that job – moving from the East Coast to the Midwest, closer to her sons. We care deeply that Patty (or Precious, Padma, Pablo, Peng or Pete) finds the perfect job in a new community.

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