Upskill your staff to survive and thrive

Every worker has a suite of skills that can go unrecognized by employers. TalentSensus enables employers to uncover and understand the hidden talents of their employees – then upskill them through the company’s ranks.

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The average cost to hire a new employee is $7K

Or maybe you’re hiring an executive and that number is closer to $30,000?

Annually, TalentSensus costs between $2,000 and $6,000 maximum for employers. It's an instant saving, plus our unique talent management system has unparalleled data regarding the skill sets of any potential new employee.

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01 - Average Staff Turnover

Did you know that the average staff turnover per year is 15.1%

Although this number varies slightly between industries. Industries with traditionally low turnover rates include legal, accountancy, education and the public sector

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01 - Average Staff Turnover
02 - Cost of Leaving
03 - Cost of Recruitment
04 - Cost of Time to Production
05 - Total Savings with TalentSensus
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Overcoming unconscious bias is better for society – and your business

We won’t lie – we’re idealists and want to change the world by building a workforce free of inequality So, our talent management system keeps all job seekers anonymous until you’ve confirmed an interview.

But many studies found that a diverse workforce will improve your bottom line – as well as being good for society, you’re giving your business a booster shot. Did you know a 2018 Mckinsey paper found that gender and culture-diverse businesses reported a 29% increase in profitability?

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How TalentSensus improves upskilling, recruitment, retention, and revenue

  • Improves the costs and efficiency of your recruitment process
  • Decreases turnover of staff by ensuring the correct acquisition of talent
  • Opportunities to upskill and employee engagement tools
  • Improves the diversity of your workforce and improves profitability
  • Improves your compassion and knowledgeable as an employer
  • Disrupts the status quo. Changes the world. No biggie
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