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“I struggled in formal education but was great at socialising. It wasn’t until an adult dyslexia diagnosis that I understood my academic struggles – and why I am, quite literally, a people person. I’ve since spent my business life helping people find employment that suits their skills.

I started the company nearly six years ago after becoming frustrated with the ‘system’ ignoring people on society’s fringes. We worked with peacekeepers, former combatants and those affected by substance abuse – as well as 25 companies across Northern Ireland.

We help people – regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation – recognize their skills and find jobs. We’re connected with local Workforce Boards throughout America and believe we can inspire societal change by disrupting unconscious bias in the workplace. Because people make the world go round... but then I would say that, wouldn’t I?”

Stephen Rice - CEO, TalentSensus

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Mail Icon Anne Lopez

Anne Lopez

Vice President of Strategic Programs

I’ve spent over 20 years in workforce development and operations,specializing in federal block grants. I currently live in Dallas, Texas, but have a keen interest in travel. My hidden talent is photography, which I get to use frequently as I travel around our clients’ locations in the USA.

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Mail Icon Emmanuel Angeles

Emmanuel Angeles

Technical Lead

I’ve worked within software for 11 years and am experienced in custom application, product development and subscription-based applications. I am Filipino and used to live in Manila but now work from my family home in Cavite - it’s a perfect set-up for me. My hidden talent is carpentry, I have always been very creative.

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Stephen Rice


I come from a community and skills sector background and am driven by a deep sense that everyone has hidden untapped talents. I am from Northern Ireland, but I have been spending the majority of my time in the US over the past number of years – I feel like a part of the furniture there. My hidden talent is video editing and production, I am a very creative person and have an eye for making my vision come alive.

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